N. Casertano Greenhouses & Farms, Inc. supplies high quality products and services to the retail garden center industry.  Our broad mix of products include annuals, perennials, perennial starter plugs and ground covers. During the holiday season we specialize in Christmas wreaths; kissing balls and other assorted holiday products.     Read more

About Us

How does one family manage to remain a leader in the wholesale greenhouse business for
over forty years? If the last name is Casertano, the answer can be summed up in two words: adaptability and community.

N. Casertano Greenhouses & Farms, Inc. traces its roots back to 1929 when Louis Casertano began growing produce and greenhouse flowers. At that time, the business resembled many other truck farms, supplying both wholesale and retail customers with a wide variety of farm-grown products.  As time went on, Louis's son Nick earned a horticulture degree from Michigan State and entered the family business. Nick provided much of the impetus for a shift away from retail produce and towards wholesale plants. He and his wife, Inez, can also be credited with bringing N. Casertano Greenhouses & Farms, Inc. prominence in the greenhouse industry.

Continuing the family tradition, Nick's son John stepped into the business after completing
his own college education in Maine. As Vice-President, John has focused much of his attention on developing and marketing perennials.

Transplanting moves more quickly and efficientlywhen aided by automation. Consumers along the east coast may be familiar with some of John's innovations while remaining unaware of the source. Color Made Simple® is a perennial packaging tool that helps laymen take the guesswork out of home landscaping. Customers can quickly and easily identify plants that will thrive in their yards by the color of the pot: yellow for full sun, orange for partial sun, and purple for shade.

Casertano's mowNomore® line is another consumer-friendly product. These ground covers provide a solution for individuals with hard-to-mow areas in their yards. . . or merely an aversion to mowing.

Casertano Greenhouses has been able to develop these unique approaches because of a
very special quality within the family, the ability of older individuals to share and transfer
leadership without becoming disenfranchised. In navigating those tricky waters, John notes that each generation has allowed the next to carry the ball in their own direction. That willingness of all family members to adapt to changing times has allowed the business to flourish as it does.

Excerpted from an article by  Kristen M. Dame fo CFG  1/2007