N. Casertano Greenhouses & Farms, Inc. supplies high quality products and services to the retail garden center industry.  Our broad mix of products include annuals, perennials, perennial starter plugs and ground covers. During the holiday season we specialize in Christmas wreaths; kissing balls and other assorted holiday products.     Read more

About Us

Over a century ago Presco Casertano (Louie) helped his family build a farm in their new country. In 1929 he took a big risk and bought a farm of his own. He was successful growing vegetables and flowers for the New York, New Haven, and Waterbury markets as a traditional American truck farmer. He worked hard and fostered a love of the land in his children.

His son Nick went to Michigan State University to study horticulture, where he met his wife, Inez. Together they came back to Connecticut in 1962 and continued to grow field crops while expanding the wholesale nursery side of the business. They opened a successful farm market in 1974 to sell their own produce, flowers, wreaths, roping and Christmas trees. Over the years they worked hard and adapted the business to meet the changing times, while preserving the traditions that Louie had begun. This year we celebrated our 90th year in business in honor of Nick, who set the company on its current path through his innovate and forward thinking and by preserving the values that his father had instilled in him and the company.  

In 1995 Nick’s son John returned to the farm after earning a degree from Bowdoin College and a short stint teaching and exploring in Asia. The farm was in the midst of another evolution. The farm market was converted into offices and the last pumpkin crop was ripening behind the building. There were new fields full of perennials and the wholesale side of the business was expanding to include ground covers, perennials, grasses, annuals, wreaths, roping, and a broad array of decorated Christmas products.

Even as the business continues to expand and evolve, we remain committed to maintaining the quality that has made this a successful New England farm for over 90 years. We are determined to bring the best genetics and the highest quality plant material available to our customers. Our team is constantly evaluating what we grow and researching new plant varieties. The goal is to provide not only the most aesthetically pleasing crops, but also the most viable, so that gardeners have the best opportunity for success and enjoyment. We are constantly trialing new plants, attending plant trials and visiting breeders directly to see what new varieties are on the horizon and how we can improve our offerings.

Our commitment to finding the best plants, our passion for gardening and our industry insight gained over many years, drive us to provide gardeners a broad selection of perennials, ground cover, grasses, Peonies and Clematis that will bring them success. We are committed to making your retail venue a destination garden center.

Our philosophy is simple. In order to maximize your retail sales opportunities, we seek to provide customers with new and exciting crops that are retail ready each week. We do all the work to make sure your shelves turn as quickly as possible. Over the course of a season you will get to see the wide array of carefully selected crops that have passed our rigorous evaluation and quality control processes. Your customers will come to love the constantly changing pallet of color in your displays and will return for season long inspiration.

As the perennial season winds down in the fall and most growers begin wrapping up, we here at Casertano Greenhouse gear up for what we affectionately call the “Second Season.” We are one of the largest providers in the country of outdoor Christmas décor. We can help you bring joy to your customers for the Christmas Holiday season with our carefully designed, tasteful, holiday decorations.

Today the Casertano team is a large and diverse group of talented horticultural professionals with over 400 years of collective nursery and greenhouse experience. We have embraced technology and put in place innovative practices and processes while maintaining our commitment to the values that got us here.  Casertano Greenhouse may look like more than just a family business now, but the family atmosphere is palpable still. We are fortunate to have many long tenured employees and new arrivals who continue to embrace the values that Louie created, that were carried on by Nick, and are instilled in all team members by John today.

Our guiding principles are strong and unwavering. We believe in the value of gardening and the real-life benefits that it provides to people. We remain determined to inspire experienced gardeners and ignite the passion for putting one’s hands in the soil for the next generation. We value and respect our role as stewards of the environment and challenge ourselves to do everything we can to continue to be as sustainable as possible.

Let us help you be successful. We’ve been at it over 90 years and think we can help you create beauty in the world, bring joy to lives and put more life into our planet.