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~ Quart Perennials
~ Trade Gallon Perennials
~ Vines & Paeonia
~ Annual Flats and Pots
~ Vegetable Flats
~ Annual Baskets
~ Flowering Hangers 
~ Pansies
~ Grasses / Ferns
~ Groundcovers galore
~ Premium Annuals
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~ Mums ~  Asters
~ Fall Perennials
~ Millet, Cabbage, Kale
~ Fall Combo Planters 
~ Wreaths of all sizes
~ Decorated Greens
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~ Swags ~ Kissing Balls
~ Decorated Logs 
~ Centerpieces

Our Products

Whatever the Season...  we can help your business thrive with the most sought after varieties of  plant material as well as some really special varieties. We are proud to admit that we do grow an enormous variety of perennials, annuals and groundcovers. Sure to meet the needs of even your most discriminating customer. 


During the winter holidays our wreaths and decorated Christmas products are second to none. Check out our Christmas/Winter holiday page for more holiday items.

We grow many different varieties of perennial plants. With each new year; comes more unique and different varieties. We also have a wide variety of sizes; some of our most common are our Quart perennials trade 1 and 2 gallon pots, we even grow a 3 gallon perennial!

(A - F)  (G - Pe)  (Ph-Z) Perennials of the year  
Vines & Paeonia
Grasses & Ferns

We grow an extensive assortment of Premium Annuals available in many different container sizes.  Casertano Greenhouses strives to be on the cutting edge by offering new and exciting varieties  year in and year out.
We are one of the largest growers of ground covers in the Northeast. Our beautiful ground covers will compliment any garden center.
Lush plants are available in open flats and cell pack flats. Choose from Ivy, Pachysandra, Ajuga, Euonymus and Myrtle.
They are available year round.
Winter Holiday Items
We have a large assortment of Holiday wreaths, log boxes and other decorated holiday items.  During the super fast pace holiday season we can help get your business supplied with the items your customers are looking for.