"Our philosophy to make retailers successful has been the right plant at the right time. We’re not interested in selling an A to Z group of annuals or perennials in early April, clogging up retail shelves and then waiting for a reorder."
John Casertano, Vice President and General Manager
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We grow nearly 2,000 different varieties of plant material. With each new year, comes more unique and different varieties.
Our perennials are available in Quarts, 1-Gallon and 2-Gallon containers. For your convenience we have added icons to our descriptions, indicating the preferred sun exposure, the attraction of butterflies and hummingbirds, if the plant is resistant to deer, and if the plant lends itself as a cut flower. Check Availability Now: Casertano Greenhouses Availability

Icons indicating characteristics of products (Catalog pages 14 - 19)