"Our philosophy to make retailers successful has been the right plant at the right time. We’re not interested in selling an A to Z group of annuals or perennials in early April, clogging up retail shelves and then waiting for a reorder."
John Casertano, Vice President and General Manager

Why Buy From Casertano's Greenhouse & Farms?

We strive to be the one-stop-shop for all your garden center flowering plant material needs by designing the fullest line of flowering plant material and providing point-of-purchase marketing materials to set you apart from the pack. A special THANK YOU goes to all our loyal customers who through their valued relationships and feedback have helped us hone our philosophy of providing a broad mix of retail ready plant material every week of the year. Our goal is to provide consistent availability of a wide selection of quality plants over a broad period of time.

The Right Plant at the Right Time

Early Spring, May Madness, Late Spring-Summer, Fall and Winter

Whatever the season, we are here to provide your business with the quality products you need.Please refer to our weekly availability list for plant material and product status. If you would like to receive the list please contact us. You may also download it here from our website at any time.The following list is a sample of what we can offer your business throughout the year. Continue through our online catalog to see our full list of varieties, flat and pot sizes. Keep an eye also on our weekly availability list for new products and specials.     

Early Spring

Pansies ~ Groundcovers  ~ Quart Perennials ~ Trade 1 Gallon Perennials ~ Annual Flats and Pots ~ Vegetable Flats ~ Annual Hanging Baskets
Early Spring opens our season with colorful combinations of Pansies, Violas, and Accent Perennials, 1-quart Perennials and Groundcovers.  All are grown and hardened off so that you can maintain early outdoor displays.

May Madness

Flowering Hanging Baskets ~ Groundcover ~ Annual and Vegetable Flats and Pots ~ Potted Premium Annuals ~ Trade 1, 2, 3 Gallon Perennials
May has it all: In Annuals there are Hanging Baskets, Combination Planters, various container sizes and flats. Perennials continue with assorted quarts and larger gallons, Clematis, Ferns and Grasses and more. Groundcover offers an assortment of Traditional, Premium and StepablesŪvarieties.

Late Spring - Summer

Potted Premium Annuals ~ Groundcovers  ~  Trade 1, 2, 3 Gallon Perennials ~  Trade 2 Gallon Hibiscus

Through the Late Spring and Summer we offer a unique selection of annual combinations, groundcover, and larger perennials to keep your customers coming back. Many combinations highlight red, white and blue flowering material geared toward Memorial Day and Fourth of July Sales Opportunities.


Mums ~  Fall Perennials ~  Asters ~  Millet, Cabbage & Kale ~   Fall Combo Planters ~ Groundcovers

Casertanos has a full fall program: Late perennials along with fall groundcover. We also grow many different size and colors of Hardy Mums, accompanied with cabbage and kale and Fall asters

Holiday Season

Wreaths ~  Decorated Greens ~  Garland/Roping ~  Swags ~ Kissing Balls ~   Decorated Logs  ~ Centerpieces

Casertanos has Florist Grade Holiday products (wreaths, kissing balls, decorative and unadorned products) to keep you in stock with your customers needs and wants.